When you contact the school, please ask for Janine Friend who handles enrolment enquiries, or you are welcome to email us at [email protected].

We try to make enrolment at Ranzau School as easy as we can for both the child and their parents and caregivers. We believe a smooth and happy transistion to school is really important.

To download an enrolment form PDF click here.

Transferring from another school

It is helpful for us to have advance warning if you are transferring from another school. This allows us the opportunity to arrange class placement prior to their first day. If you are intending transferring to our school, please phone or send an email to let us know. We need the child’s / children’s name(s), dates of birth and current school.

Beginning School

Initial contact / Inquiry

If you want to enrol your child at Ranzau School, either phone or email the office to make the initial contact. We will make a note of your child’s name and date of birth and take your contact details. If you would like us to send you an enrolment pack, we are happy to do that as well.

If you haven’t quite decided, you’re welcome to make an appointment with the Principal to ask any questions, and to be shown around.

Pre school visits

Prior to the first day at school, we encourage you to allow for up to three pre school visits for your child. About a month before they are due to start school we will contact you to arrange these visits.

The first visit is usually from 8.50 am until morning interval, the second can be until lunch time and the third for the full day. We like you to stay with your child for these visits, especially the initial ones. By mutual agreement between you and the teacher, we can arrange for them to stay at school without you for subsequent visits.

We visit preschools

If we know your child is enroling at Ranzau School, we make every effort to visit them at their pre school prior to their 5th birthday. Sometimes we take the whole class! Sometimes the whole pre school visits us. This is another way that enables us to learn about your child and for them to become familiar with who we are.

Keeping you informed

Each term we run information meetings for new parents. If we know your child is to attend Ranzau School, we will contact you to advise you when and where these are to take place.

Just ask

If you are not sure about what to do or need help / advice, please feel free to ask. Our job is to make your transition to Ranzau as easy as we can.

To download an enrolment form PDF click here.

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