Dave Sampson[email protected]

Senior Leadership

Declan O’Malley – Deputy Principal, Teacher: Wahi Tapu Hapori/Senior Team. [email protected]
Sarah Jeffries –Deputy Principal, Teacher: Maunga Hapori/Middle Team. – On Leave

Teaching Staff

Emily Tarr – Teacher: Awa Hapori/Junior Team. [email protected]
Jackie Sampson – Teacher: STEAM.
Jenna Maher – Teacher: Wahi Tapu Hapori/Senior Team.  [email protected]

Julie Heath – Teacher: Maunga Hapori/Middle Team. [email protected]
Kirsty Rodger – Teacher: Maunga Hapori/Middle Team.  [email protected]
Lisa McPherson – Teacher: Reading Recovery & STEAM [email protected]
Michelle Thorpe – Teacher: Awa Hapori/Junior Team. [email protected]
Olivia Drew-Brook  – Teacher: Maunga Hapori/Middle Team. [email protected]

Support Staff

Janine Friend – School Secretary. [email protected]
Nadine Davidson – Teachers Aide.

Rachel Rogers – Teachers Aide.
Sandra Stocks
Teachers Aide. [email protected]


Board of Trustees

Daniel Haring – Chairperson
Craig Vercoe
Ephraim Jacobsen
Lena Kernot
Louise McGillivray 
Declan O’Malley – Staff representative

Dave Sampson

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